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Search some of the best russian recipes. Some of our russian recipes have been provided by Australian chefs. If you can't find the russian recipe you are after why not let us know and we will try to add it in for you.

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  • Almond 'Feta' Cheese with Herb Oil

    Almond 'Feta' Cheese with Herb Oil

    Blanched almonds give this creamy-crumbly cheese a rich texture. Unbaked, it will be smooth and spreadable. Baking will make it crumbly, like feta cheese.

  • Ashed Goats Cheese & Beetroot Bruschetta

    Ashed Goats Cheese & Beetroot Bruschetta

    Start the meal with something different and delicious.

    • 4
  • Cold Borsch

    Cold Borsch

    Soup for the summer - borsch is a colourful and tasty dish to be enjoyed in the sunshine.

  • Coulibiac


    Originating from Russia, Coulibiac is quite often mistaken as being French!

  • Easter Bread (Kulich)

    Easter Bread (Kulich)

    This Russian Easter bread is a sweet, yeast-risen bread flavoured with raisins and honey.

    • 35 mins
    • 45 mins
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