Nimrod Kazoom

Nimrod Kazoom


Nimrod Kazoom.


In the not so holy city of Tel Aviv, in the holy land. (Israel) 


From 8 years old I was playing with food with a childlike mind, with no preconceptions. Experimental, creative, daring the known, fearless seeker of the yet unknown... kawabanga! 

Have you always wanted to be a chef?

No. Being infected with "the dreamer's disease," I wanted to be so many things. Being surrounded with so many notes for a symphony of tastes, embodiment of my love of music, a Chef is also a composer. Having to mind so many little details and layers in synchronisation, letting them grow and become in the pot, in a cup, on a plate and on the palette. A chef is also like a midwife. Listening, surrendering to the passion of giving, bringing forth everything I have in me. Literally everything I have. A Chef is also a passionate lover, metaphorically speaking. Choosing to fold all those and more into cooking, I have met so many things I want to be ;a philosopher, a poet, an artist, a researcher, a leader, a student, a manager, a cleaner (I love cleaning, Shhhh.... don’t tell my team!) a singer, a dancer, even an astronaut! I am also a chef. 

How would you define your style?

An ounce of tradition and a pinch of creativity, mixed in a bowl of love.

What is your feature flavour these days?

Turmeric. Beetroot. Beauty. 

Obsessive compulsive about?

Turmeric and beetroot.

Your greatest inspiration/influences?

Bright thinkers who defy the known and unveil the new and daring. And my mum.


The slow traditional food of North Africa and the wining simplicity of the Spanish Basque's food.

What do you love about this business?

We touch people through their belly. It’s a great platform for giving. It’s a privilege. 

An ingredient you can’t live without?

Love. And tomatoes, eggs and olives. 
Most eyebrow raising menu item?

White chocolate mussels and also the ceviche crocodile at the Sandcastle Organic Restaurant.
Crab & coriander panna-cotta at Wino's in Margaret River.
Crispy testicles at Canvas at The Arts Centre Tapas nights. This dish was named "a nut case." 
Currently playing with lamb brains. Carpaccio? Anyone?

Signature dish?

That's a question I pass to my customers. I think it will be a battle between the Jerusalem hummus, the red Shakshuka, the Dolmades, the pear and spice lamb tagine and the tomato and North African spiced sour dough bread. 



Meet with friends at Fremantle’s E-shed Markets and head to Kazoomies restaurant for mouth-watering North African inspired cuisine. Born from the ideas of Chef and Owner Nimrod Kazoom, this innovative sustainable food venue supports local businesses, recycles and up-cycles as much as possible and gives back to the community by way of weekly food donations to OZ Harvest. Kazoomies stands by a ‘feel good food’ philosophy, both in social ventures and in the tantalising food on offer. Taste the fusion of spices, traditions and techniques of North African cooking paired with the simplicity of just a few ingredients to create dishes like the breakfast for two with four eggs, marinated eggplant, trio of dips, carrot patties, spicy pumpkin pastille, handmade pita with za’atar and falafels.

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