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An extraordinary natural phenomenon. The curtain is made of hundreds of aerial roots dropping vertically from the sloping trunk of a fig tree to the ground.
The Crystal Caves in Atherton features 'The Empress of Uruguay" the worlds largest amethyst geode. Not forgetting over 600 fossils, crystals and gemstones. It promises a labyrinth of caves to discover...
Mount Hypipamee Crater was formed by an explosive eruption of volcanic gases which blasted through solid granite. Angular blocks of granite as large as refrigerators can be found in the surrounding ra...
Atherton Visitor Information Centre
average depth 160 metres are deep crater lakes ideal for aquatic sports.
The Hou Wang Chinese Temple and Museum is on the site of Atherton's original Chinatown,(with a 100 year old temple) once the home to a thriving Chinese community.
Picturesque waterfall dropping into an artificial swimming pool. Watch an abundance of wildlife such as platypuses, tree-kangaroos, turtles and more