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Making up the majority of the regions Western Wilderness region, Southwest National Park encompasses over 600,000 hectares of World Heritage listed wildeness. Grandeur in scale and natural beauty, Sou...
Booking recommended for large groups.
Provides views of the Hartz Mountains National Park. Picnic tables, a rock shelter and fire place are also available.
contains some of the wildest natural landscapes in Tasmania. The park embraces mountains, lakes and alpine plateaux with vegetation ranging from dense rain forest on the lower slopes to hardy alpine p...
Consecrated in 1825, is the oldest church still standing in Tasmania.
Licensed since 1825, although the building has been considerably altered through the years.
Cascade Brewery was started by Peter Degraves in 1824 when Hobart Town had 55 licensed pubs for a population of 10,000. The factory with its instantly recognisable fa├žade sits at the base of Mt Wellin...