Tunnel Creek National Park is approximately 91 hectares in size and is home to Western Australia's oldest cave system. It is also famous for being a hideout used late last century by an Aboriginal lea...
Tackling the natural frontier between Derby and Kununurra, the Gibb River Road is a 600 kilometre journey through through the wild Kimberley region. Take the dirt road to adventure and discover specta...
One of the largest craters in the world Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater is almost perfectly circular, measuring 850 metres in diameter and 50 metres in depth. The surrounding landscape has remained uncha...
Carved by the Lennard River from a limestone range, Windjana Gorge is where you will find some of the best preserved fossil reefs in the world. Said by geologists to have formed a massive barrier reef...
One of the largest collections of shells and artifacts in the State.
Spectacular beehive shaped sandstone mounds of orange and black stripes. Off The Great Northern Highway with road access by 4WD only. Camping available.
Bedford Park
features "Dampier's Chest", a memorial to the English buccaneer erected by the WA Historical Society.
The Grotto

The Grotto


A natural ampitheatre and waterhole located at the bottom of 140 steps, estimated to be 400 feet in depth at its deepest point.
Home to some of the largest crocodiles in Australia and a must see at feeding times.
takes the unusual but appropriate form of an aircraft. Miller was the aviation pioneer who started the WA airline, MMA.
occur during March/April and September/October. These tides rise and fall ten metres or more on a ten and a half hour cycle.
Walking trails, campsites, swimming and waterfalls.
A spectacular gorge accessible in the dry season by 4WD from Gibb River Road. Campsites, swimming, and waterfalls.
Discover how the rare and beautiful South Sea pearl is produced at the Willie Creek Pearl Farm. The tour provides visitors a unique insight into the modern cultured pearling process. Learn how technic...
Geikie Gorge National Park
Formed under similar conditions to Windjana Gorge (see Derby). The waters of the gorge contain an abundance of life forms including stingrays, sharks, sawfish and freshwater crocodiles. Boat trips thr...