About Parliament House

If politics should make an appearance throughout your holiday, it is best experienced in the form of a trip to Australia’s Parliament House, one of Canberra’s most popular attractions. Opened in 1988 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Parliament House is one of the world’s most acclaimed buildings and stands proudly as a national icon. Visitors who make their way to Parliament House experience not only the magnificence of Australian architecture, but also discover a wealth of history, art and a peek at the documents that helped create a nation. From the roof of the building, the 81 meter tall stainless steel flagpole flying an Australian flag the size of a double decker bus can be viewed.

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A few words from Parliament House

Welcoming around 1 million visitors from Australia and overseas per year, Parliament House is one of the largest buildings in the southern hemisphere, with the design being the winner of a competition that attracted 329 entries from 28 countries. Inside the historical house, visitors are guided through in a room to room fashion, informed on the house's features such as the Great Hall Tapestry and the Forecourt Mosaic. Parliament House is also home to some of Australia's most famous historical documents, highlighted in the Member's Hall. Documents such as the original 1900 Australian Constitution alongside one of four surviving issues of the 1297 Magna Carta feature in a static display and remain a must see for those who enter the house.

Apart from a fascinating lesson on the workings of a modern Australia and its history, Parliament House also offers a chance to see Parliament in action during ‘question time'. If you happen to find yourself landed in the nation's capital, ensure a trip to Parliament House is taken to discover the building that keeps Australia moving.

Location & Map

Capital Hill, Canberra CBD 2600 ACT - See Map

Opening Hours

9am-5pm on non-sitting days and 9am to House rise on sitting days. Question time in both galleries is held at 2pm.

Groups & Functions

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