About Lake Eyre

A giant display of pure white land in the dry season and glimmering with an array of colourful hues during flood, Lake Eyre is one of Australia's most famous estuaries. The largest salt lake in the country, Lake Eyre is spread across the four states of South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory, spanning over 9,500 square kilometres. With flooding a rare occurance, Lake Eyre's usual salt pan basin makes water turn a light pink as a result of algae formation, a spectacular site to see amidst the cracked, dry land of its surrounds. Mirage like in appearance, Lake Eyre's sheer immensity is hard to conceive on ground level alone, scenic flights a popular alternative.

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A few words from Lake Eyre

Full of native bird and wildlife, Lake Eyre holds some of the rarest, unspoiled ecosystems in the world and is home to a selection of Australian animals, identified as a protected area when flooded to support the breeding of birds.

Lake Eyre can be accessed via South Australia's Oodnadatta Track, or if four wheel driving, via the Halligan Bay track near William Creek. To really appreciate the estuaries spectacular size and its encapsulating natural beauty, a scenic flight over Lake Eyre is the best way to photograph and admire the sight itself.

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