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Lying on the southwest shore of Adelaide is an island full of native marsupials, marine mammals, top gourmet produce and breathtaking scenery. It’s almost a crime not to experience the wonders of Kangaroo Island, Australia’s fourth major tourism icon. Known fondly amongst the locals as ‘KI’, this little island is home to some 4,400 lucky locals, most of them primary producers. Kangaroo Island has a rich history and was originally known as Australia’s first free settlement, with escaped convicts, fleeing sailors and sealers calling the island home. With life a lot easier on Kangaroo Island today, the natural beauty still remains and can be explored by foot, car, four wheel drive or boat trip.

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A few words from Kangaroo Island

You may expect Kangaroo Island to be famous for its kangaroos, but in fact it is the humble chicken for which it's renowned. Due to Kangaroo Island's fox free environment, chickens are allowed to spread their wings and roam freely, resulting in large, healthy birds. Marine mammals also like the Kangaroo Island vibe, with colonies of New Zealand fur seals, Australian sea lions and penguin colonies making good use of the beach.

More of a zoo without enclosures, Kangaroo Island is also home to an animal assortment of rare birds, echidnas, koalas and, of course, kangaroos. Explore their natural habitat or take a trip to the pristine beaches and drop a line.

In terms of food and local produce, Kangaroo Island is well renowned for its delicious range of honey, cheese, olive oils and native jams. Across the island, fresh seafood reigns supreme and it remains all too easy to get a taste of KI's natural and farmed produce such as prawns, whiting and freshwater marron.

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Great place to go....sooo much to see and do for all the family!


I absolutely love Kangaroo Island. Have been twice, most recently December 2011 and the island remains pristine, beautiful, filled with nature and wildlife and wonderful produce. We enjoyed fine wine, ate the best seafood and had the most relaxing week on the island. It really is a special place