XXL Watermelon Shots

XXL Watermelon Shots


1 medium to large watermelon
4 boxes of jelly crystals (flavour of your choice)
60 g gelatine (unflavoured)
4 cups vodka
4 cups boiling water


Cut watermelon in half, lengthwise, then slice your way around the perimeter of the watermelon flesh (about 3 cm from the rind).

Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh and scrape down the sides to make a relatively smooth surface.

Line the bottom of two large trays with paper towels then sit watermelon bowls in the middle.

In a mixing bowl, add jelly crystals and gelatine. Add boiling water and whisk for 2 minutes until crystals and gelatine have dissolved.

Add vodka and whisk to mix everything together.

Divide the jelly mixture between the two watermelon halves and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

Start dividing up by cutting each half crossways, then into smaller wedges as desired.

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