Tiramisu Easter Egg

Tiramisu Easter Egg


25ml white chocolate liqueur
25ml dark chocolate liqueur
25ml coffee liqueur
2 tbsp of marscapone
Double espresso (to top)
Medium-sized chocolate egg (to serve)
Hay (for serving)


Mix the chocolate liqueurs, coffee liqueur and marscarpone in a cocktail shaker or glass, top with double espresso (about 50ml).

Use a hot knife to slice the top off a medium-sized chocolate egg that will fit comfortably in a martini glass.

Fill the martini glass filled with hay, to create a “nest", and stand the egg in it. Add some cubes of ice into the egg, then pour in the drink. Serve with a straw.

Credits: Leah Hyslop

Photo Credits: Leah Hyslop