Elixiba Hemp Patties

Elixiba Hemp Patties


250g white beans
100g peas
125g onions
1.3g garlic
25g chickpea flour
100g broccoli stems
88g sunflower seeds
25g hemp seeds
25g potato flour
2.5g stock powder
1/2 cup brown rice flour
4g coriander
2.5g paprika
12g lime juice
12g miso paste
2.5g coconut sugar
2.5g cumin
12g spinach powder


Cook garlic, onion and broccoli stems in a pot. Strain and place in a bowl.

Add all other ingredients and mix well. Add more sugar and salt to taste.

Shape into 10 patties and fry on a medium heat until crispy.

Serve on your choice of bun with a mix of fresh vegetables, such as beetroot, tomato, avocado and salad greens.

Recipe provided by Elixiba Herbal Alchemy Bar & Restaurant

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