Chocolate Muffins

Chocolate Muffins


250g plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
4 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
½ tsp salt
100g caster sugar
75g plain chocolate chips
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
250ml milk
90ml vegetable oil


Preheat oven to 190°C, fan oven 170°C, Gas Mark 5. Put 10 paper muffin cases into a muffin tray.

Sift flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, cocoa powder and salt into a large bowl. Stir in the sugar and chocolate chips.

In a separate bowl, beat together the egg, vanilla extract and milk. Add the oil, stirring to mix.

Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients and stir until just combined. Do not beat or over-mix – the batter will still be a little bit lumpy.

Spoon the mixture into the muffin cases and bake for 20-25 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.

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