Acai Bowl - by The Boy and the Rose Cafe

Acai Bowl - by The Boy and the Rose Cafe


4 acai energy packs (available at health food stores)
4 frozen bananas
300mL coconut water
1-2 cups of desired granola
Fresh fruit of your choice for garnish


Add the coconut water, Acai packets and bananas to your blender and blend until you have an even, smooth and thick consistency. We use our thermomix but a regular blender does the job perfectly.

Add 1/4 cup of granola to the bottom of your bowl, then scoop in your acai smoothie mix. Top with the remaining granola and fresh fruit to decorate.

Tip: make sure the bananas are frozen, this will help the consistency of the smoothie so that the fruit and toppings don't sink.

Recipe provided by The Boy and the Rose