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Melbourne’s Akimbo Bakery is a one-man home business producing slow-fermented, naturally leavened bread for your enjoyment. The brainchild of former Chef Lindsay Oates, who discovered a passion for baking and fermentation leading to a sourdough bakery in his own home where he grows, crafts and sells food, while celebrating local producers. A weekly menu is published on Akimbo’s website and pre-orders are taken for pick-up in Thornbury, Brunswick and the CBD on Fridays and Saturdays; think long, crunchy baguettes, soft walnut scrolls with spice and cream cheese frosting and bay leaf infused brown butter cookies, with Birdsnake Madagascar chocolate. Then there is the sensational sourdough…smother a slice of olive and preserved lemon, rosemary and confit garlic, with butter and enjoy!

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