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About Pilbara

Engulfed by a 2.5 billion year old landscape, the Pilbara is a premier adventure destination. Covering some 500,000 square km of land, the Pilbara contains three world class national parks, including Rudall River and Karijini - regarded as one of Australia’s most stunning natural assets. Karijini is a tapestry of deep red gorges, secluded emerald rock pools and ice blue waterfalls. If you only have time to visit one spot, make it Fortescue Falls, where two waterfalls cascade into Fern Pool - a permanent swimming hole surrounded by lush vegetation. The gateway to Rudall River National Park is the mining town of Newman which is home to the single largest open-cut iron ore mine in the world. Take a walk along the Burrup Peninsula near Dampier and you’ll find tens of thousands of ancient Aboriginal rock carvings. For fishing and diving adventures, head for one of the many coastal towns such as Karratha and join a boat trip to the Buccaneer Archipelago or Rowley Shoals Islands.

When to Visit Pilbara

The climate in the Pilbara is tropical/semi arid with a wet season and a dry season. During the summer months, inland daytime temperatures exceed 32 degrees centigrade almost every day, and temperatures in excess of 45 degrees are not uncommon. (Inland temperatures average higher due to the absence of a cooling sea breeze). Winter temperatures average 27 degrees during the day and 14 degrees at night. (Inland the evening temperatures drop even further). The best time to visit is in the winter months (dry season) as the temperatures are cooler.

Getting Around Pilbara

Driving from Perth, the region is best accessed by following the Northwest coastal Hwy north. The best way to discover the area extensively is with a 4WD, however be sure to have adequate provisions, beware of wildlife (especially at dawn and dusk), and let someone know where you are going. Main roads throughout the region are sealed but many unsealed roads exist, (some of which may be closed during the wet season). A range of packaged tours are also on offer from adventurous four wheel drive vehicles to luxury coaches. Small regional airports are available for use by private charter. Karratha domestic airport has commercial flights available.

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