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Southwest Wilderness

About Southwest Wilderness

Tasmania’s south west is still wild & rugged and an adventurers dream. The Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park links the great Southwest National Park to the Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Parks forming a huge wilderness area that just about covers the south western area of Tasmania. This is a region of dramatic mountain peaks, beautiful rainforest, deep river valleys & spectacular gorges. You’ll see millions of years captured in the ancient rocks, wrought in volcanic fire & scraped clean by ice. Dense forests line the highway, dark rivers tumble through steep chasms, & deep lakes open up before you. The tiny towns that once housed hundreds of miners are now quiet & peaceful. In Tullah enjoy the scenic lakes. Zeehan once a booming mining town is known as ’silver city, whilst Queenstown is equally famous for it mining history. From Strahan, follow the tannin-dark Gordon River into the rainforest, climb to the Teepookana Plateau or delve into the convict past of Sarah Island.

When to Visit Southwest Wilderness

The South-West Coast can be wild, wet and savage with snow falling on the higher ground at any time of the year. The Coastline bears the full brunt of the Roaring Forties. During the winter months the temperatures throughout the mountain ranges often drops below zero. Wilderness walks are best left to the most experienced and well-equipped at this time of year. Spring arrives around September but can often be very windy. The best time to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle is during the summer months of December through to February.

Getting Around Southwest Wilderness

The closest airport is Hobart. The best thing to do is hire a car and enjoy the scenery. This region is crossed by the Lyell Highway, extending from the South West National Park, through the Franklin Lower Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, and across to the Cradle Mountain–Lake St Clair National Park.
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