Stefano Frangipani

Stefano Frangipani


Italy, Arezzo.


When I was 16, while I studied at cookery school, I started to work at the restaurant in Arezzo where I came from, cooking steak for a few years. After that I was at the 5 star hotel in Firenze, Sofitel Firenze, as a cook for 2 years.

I always wanted to see what the rest of the country was like since I was young; so I left Italy and I went to Antigua Barbuda. I worked at an Italian restaurant as a pasta chef (making all different types of fresh pasta) in there for 6 months.

I first visited Australia on a holiday for 6 months, I had such a good time I decided I wanted to stay. I started work at Wild Fired Circular Quay and moved around several different restaurants before becoming Head Chef at Dolce Ristorante, located in Martin Place. I worked there for 5 years as well as La Casa and Fratelli Fresh as a Sous Chef.

I had numerous working experiences at various Italian restaurants In Australia and I was wishing to have my own kitchen, using my own recipes. 

Have you always wanted to be a Chef?

Yes, I have since I was young. I started to cook when I was 11.

How would you define your style?

I am trying to cook Italian mum’s food.

What is your feature flavour these days?

Fresh pasta.

Obsessive compulsive about?

Trying to serve the right authentic Italian flavour.

Your greatest culinary inspirations/influences:

My mother.

What do you love about this business?

I put my love into my cooking and enjoy the appreciation people have for this.

An ingredient you can’t live without?

Flour + salt + yeast + oil and water = bread.

Most ‘eyebrow raising’ menu item?


Signature dish:

Homemade Pappardelle with Beef Ragu. Search "Stefano Frangipani" in our recipe section for the recipe!