Laurent Jouin

Laurent Jouin

If I am biased, I make a mean Mi-Cuit au Chocolat.

Normandy, France. 


Born in Normandy, then spending 10 years each in Paris and Provence, Laurent has over 30 years of cooking experience under his belt. From 1992 Laurent has worked in 2-star and 1-star Michelin restaurants including: Jacques Cagna Paris, Beauvilliers Paris, La Pinède Saint Tropez and Maison Prunier Paris. Additionally, he has worked as a General Manager/ Executive Chef for Lenôtre in Qatar. After owning his own restaurant in Provence for 4 years, he moved to Australia in 2012, but not before living in California, USA in 2009, where he worked as a Corporate Chef. Upon arriving in Australia, he first settled in Melbourne and worked as a Head Chef. Falling in love with the Bittern countryside, Bistro La Provence is the result of this romance. 

Have you always wanted to be a Chef? 

“Working” in my father’s patisserie at the age of 8 inspired me to fulfil my aspirations of becoming a Chef. 

How would you define your style? 

I define my style as a traditionally trained French Chef, however, I have learnt and take pleasure in adding alternative flavours into my recipes. 

What is your feature flavour these days? 

Fresh, seasonal produce, locally sourced. I am all about supporting local community.
Obsessive compulsive about? 

Quality food, professionalism and clean flavours. I want my customers to enjoy not only my recipes but also the personable experience Bistro La Provence offers. 

Your greatest culinary inspirations/influences: 

Whilst working in a 2-star restaurant in Paris, Mr Prunier Gourmard inspired and set the tone for the way in which I prepare the food I create today. 

What do you love about this business? 

The relationships I build with my customers and ensuring their overall experience is enjoyable and one they want to share with friends and family. The gardens set the tone and as a gardener it is a pleasure to call Bistro La Provence my restaurant.

An ingredient you can’t live without? 

All I can say is butter, cream and more butter and cream! With all seriousness though, the ingredient I could not live without is seafood. I love working with seafood. 

Most ‘eyebrow raising’ menu item? 

I would have to say the Escargots à la Bourguignonne and Duck à l’orange.

Signature dish: 

If I am biased, I make a mean Mi-Cuit au Chocolat. 

Bistro La Provence

Bistro La Provence

Set surrounded by a tranquil landscape, find Bistro La Provence offering a peaceful place to dine in the heart of Mornington Peninsula's food and wine region. This charming restaurant provides both a place to sit and soak up warm sunshine, among scents of dainty blooms in the garden on balmy days and an open fire for cosy comfort through cooler weather. While sharing a romantic table for two, join La Bistro Provence in celebrating seasonal food, traditional style drinks and delving further into the culture of Provence through tantalising cuisine. Enjoy leisurely dining, taking time to devour delectable entrees such as Escargot a la Bourguignonne - snails in garlic and parsley butter followed by mouth-watering mains like Gibelote de Lapin - rabbit casserole, slow cooked in red wine sauce.

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