Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson is a country boy who grew up in a family of farmers in Armidale, NSW. As a result, he was brought up learning about agriculture with a focus on excellent produce.

At the age of 18, Jim finished high school and enrolled at Ultimo TAFE in Sydney where he went to cooking school. From that moment on, he realised that cooking was the perfect way to incorporate his knowledge of great produce and he saw cooking as a way of sharing his knowledge and passion of produce with others.

He completed his apprenticeship at top Sydney restaurants, Pier and Bilson's where he was mentored by expert Chefs such as Tony Bilson, Greg Doyle and the Spanish Alfonso Ale.

Much of Jim’s inspiration for food also comes from extensive travelling and his experiences of different cuisines from diverse cultures. He has worked in overseas kitchens in France, England and New Zealand, where he learned about the many different approaches to food and life.

Jim joins Sails on Lavender Bay in 2016 after a one-year stint in Paris and two years at London's two Michelin-starred restaurant, The Greenhouse.

Jim is dedicated to creating vibrant food using classic techniques to enhance the best produce he can source. He endeavours to cook food that boasts confident flavour combinations that aren't overworked.