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Franky Pham

Franky Pham


Malaysia, Heritage Vietnamese, but I grew up in Australia.


These are the places that I’ve worked at for longer than 8 months to hone my skills and develop my craft.

The River Bar and Grill, Southbank
The Lounge Room, Docklands
Public House, Richmond
Campari House, CBD
K.O.T.O, Ho Chi Minh City
K.O.T.O, Hanoi
Pots N Pans, Hanoi
Ilfornaio, St.Kilda
The Brighton School House, Brighton
Feast Of Merit, Richmond
St.Cloud Eating House, Hawthorn East

Have you always wanted to be a Chef:

Since I was 13 I was fascinated how food would always bring people together.

How would you define your style:

Old school with a new school feel.

Obsessive compulsive about:

Shiney stainless steel, (it’s the little things).

Your greatest culinary inspirations/ influences:

Everyone that has taken the time to teach me something.