Alyse White

Alyse White


Launceston, TAS.  


Alyse has always known that she wanted to be a Chef. She began her apprenticeship at the iconic Gorge Restaurant in Launceston. Working at both the Fine Dining Gorge Restaurant as well as the Basin Café, Alyse gained an excellent array of culinary skills throughout her first few years in the industry. 

Once her training was completed, Alyse took a short stint working at the University of Tasmania before moving on to open her own business, Edge Café. Edge Café was located in the Launceston CBD and Alyse enjoyed all of the challenges of owning her own business for around two years. An opportunity arose for her to return to the Gorge and she again found herself back where it all began, this time using her own skills and talents as a Sous Chef to help train new apprentices and implement exciting menu changes. 

After a few years back in her own stomping ground, the opportunity for a new and exciting venture came up with her good friend Georgina Galloway (Owner) and Kelly Holmes (Front of House Manager) and together, they brought this once whimsical idea of restaurant ownership to life with restaurant, The Dinner Belle. 

Have you always wanted to be a Chef? 

Alyse has some very early memories of wanting to be able to use her passion for cooking in her career. From the age of six, Alyse recalls fondly time spent in the kitchen baking with her Nanna. Alyse comes from a very food orientated family, where cooking and eating are all forms of celebration and are about bringing family together. She is thrilled to be able to now bring joy to people on a daily basis with her food. 

What is your feature flavour these days? 

Jalapeno, Alyse just loves hot, hot food! 

Greatest culinary inspirations/influences? 

Guy Fieri of Triple D. Jamie Oliver and Tobie Puttock. 

Obsessive compulsive about?
Alyse is generally a super relaxed person, nothing really phases her, even in the midst of a busy service. However, one thing that she remains very particular about is the quality of the food that leaves her kitchen pass. As a side note, Alyse is also a little obsessive about the donuts and sweets she makes!

What do you love about this business? 

The people she works with every day. 

An ingredient you can’t live without? 

Our house-made ‘Comeback Sauce.’

Most ‘eyebrow’ raising menu item? 

Our donuts. 

Signature Dish: 

Desserts generally, but especially lemon meringue pie! 

The Dinner Belle

The Dinner Belle

A mouth-watering feast awaits all who visit The Dinner Belle restaurant, sought out by Launceston locals prowling Quadrant Mall for a bite to eat. Fit out in a charming, smart casual style, inside radiates warmth from a mix of polished timbers, tantalising aromas of freshly baked doughnuts and a buzz of conversation as friends meet for a coffee and a catch-up. Taking hints from Southern American cuisine, diners are spoiled to house signature waffle sandwiches stuffed with fillings like crispy fried chicken, lettuce and spicy mayonnaise topped with a pickle, as well as a classic cheeseburger with a double beef patty, smoked bacon, cheese, pickles, lettuce and house barbecue sauce. Just be sure to leave room for one of six tempting doughnut flavours such as apple pie and pecan or Kit-Kat.

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