Ball's Pyramid

23 kilometres southeast of the Lord Howe Island is Ball's Pyramid, Lord Howe Island NSW

About Ball's Pyramid

Situated 23 km south of Lord Howe Island, Ball’s Pyramid is the world’s tallest sea stack and one of a series of volcanic pinnacles formed from a massive eruption millions of years ago. This triangle of basalt rock juts up 550 metres. Windswept and inhospitable, Ball’s Pyramid was first climbed by mountaineers in 1965. Today, such activity is off-limits and viewing is by cruise boat only or scuba diving down below. Its surrounding waters are popular diving and fishing spots, and hundreds of sea birds circle its summit.

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A few words from Ball's Pyramid

The dive sites average 25 metres in depth and range from drift dives, cave dives or simply following a coral wall. The Pyramid itself is located in a marine sanctuary zone which maintains the pristine aquatic environment. You can often expect to see walls of fish from the surface down to 25 metres. One of the highlights of diving Balls Pyramid is to see the Ballina Angelfish, a deep water Angel that is generally only found in water in excess of 100 metres. Ball's Pyramid is believed to be the only destination where you can see them on recreational scuba in 25 metres. A truly amazing dive.

Ball's Pyramid trips are not scheduled weekly, once we have divers interested in going down we check the weather forecast and make a decision based on the day with the best conditions. The fee is $280 per person for a double dive. All divers must have adequate experience to dive at these sites.

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23 kilometres southeast of the Lord Howe Island is Ball's Pyramid, Lord Howe Island 2898 NSW - See Map

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