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Woolshed on Hindley is located in Adelaide City within the region of Adelaide. You may also wish to see other Adelaide City bars or Adelaide bars.

Woolshed on Hindley Classification

Woolshed on Hindley, Adelaide City has been independently classified as: Lounge and Cocktail Bars. All bars have been categorised according to their style enabling you to effectively select the appropriate establishment you require. View the different bar classifications.

Woolshed on Hindley Location & Parking

Woolshed on Hindley Bars is located at: 94 Hindley St, Adelaide City. For directions on how to get to & from Woolshed on Hindley, please refer to the map. Onsite parking at Adelaide City bars & clubs is not always available. We recommend you phone Woolshed on Hindley bars on (08) 8231 3023 in advance for parking information.

Tipping at Woolshed on Hindley bars

Tipping at Woolshed on Hindley, Adelaide City is optional, but none the less very much appreciated. If you are pleased with the service it is customary to tip a small amount.

Reserving at Woolshed on Hindley Bars

Some bars & clubs throughout the Adelaide region require you reserve in advance, while numerous others have a no reservation policy. To avoid disappointment we highly recommend you phone Woolshed on Hindley on (08) 8231 3023 in advance to find out their reservation policy and availability.

Woolshed on Hindley Adelaide City Opening Hours

All Adelaide bar & clubs operate their own opening and closing times. Likewise, opening hours in some bar & clubs can vary depending on the season, public or religious holidays, and/or other circumstances. We advise you first check with Woolshed on Hindley to ensure there has been no change to their opening hours prior to visiting.

Woolshed on Hindley Adelaide City Features & Facilities

To describe the features and facilities offered by Woolshed on Hindley Adelaide City, a system of international symbols has been adopted for clarity and ease of reference. Note - Bars & Clubs with the Disabled Access symbol have dedicated disabled facilities.

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Accuracy of Woolshed on Hindley Bars Descriptions & Information

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of Woolshed on Hindley descriptions and information contained on this website. Notwithstanding, Woolshed on Hindley in Adelaide City may change and prices may vary. Whilst every effort has been made to keep the information on this website as accurate as possible, AGFG assumes no responsibility for errors, changes, omissions, inconveniences or incurred loss as a result of any inaccuracy. See our disclaimer

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(08) 8231 30...

94 Hindley St,
Adelaide City SA

Lounge and Cocktail Bars
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