Tollgate Island


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Tollgate Island is located in Batemans Bay within the region of South Coast NSW. You may also wish to see other Batemans Bay attractions or South Coast NSW attractions.

Tollgate Island Classification

Tollgate Island, Batemans Bay has been independently classified as: Attractions. Tollgate Island has been classified to enable you to effectively select the appropriate attraction you require. View the different attraction classifications.

Tollgate Island Location & Parking

Tollgate Island is located at: , Batemans Bay. For directions on how to get to & from Tollgate Island, please refer to the map. Onsite parking at Batemans Bay Attractions is usually available, however we recommend you phone in advance (if possible) for parking information.

When To Visit Tollgate Island Batemans Bay

Every Batemans Bay attraction operates their own opening and closing times. Likewise, opening hours at some attractions can vary depending on the season, public or religious holidays, and/or other circumstances. We advise you check individual opening hours of Tollgate Island before visiting. Natural and geographic attractions may open to the public any time of the day or night. For more information on when the best time is to visit attractions in the South Coast NSW region see our South Coast NSW regional guide.

Tollgate Island Features & Facilities

To describe the features and facilities offered by Tollgate Island Batemans Bay, a system of international symbols has been adopted for clarity and ease of reference. Note - Attractions with the Disabled Access symbol have dedicated disabled facilities.

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Accuracy of Tollgate Island Attractions Descriptions & Information

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Tollgate Island Overview

wildlife reserve features penguins and spear fishing.

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