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236 Lake Street,,
Northbridge WA

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Modern Australian

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    Sunshine & Stallions

    Sunshine & Stallions

    Bob's Bar - 0.86km from Sayers Sister

    Melbourne Cup - Tuesday 4th November 2014
    Bob's Bar Melbourne Cup Event
    "Sunshine & Stallions"
    Live racing, fine fillies, stunning seafood, gourmet grub, spiffy beers, stella Aussie wines. Plus live screening of all the race day action from Flemington.
    $150 per person. Tickets on sale now!
    Call 6282 0000 or info@printhall.com.au
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Tuesday–Saturday 7am–11:30am: Breakfast 11:30am–2:30pm: Lunch 5pm: Close Sunday 7am–2pm: Breakfast 11:30–3pm: Counter lunch 5pm: Close

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