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Doyle's Deck & Bistro is located in Mordialloc within the region of Melbourne. You may also wish to see other Mordialloc restaurants or Melbourne restaurants.

Doyle's Deck & Bistro Restaurant Rating

Doyle's Deck & Bistro, Mordialloc has been independently rated as: Licensed Cafe/Informal Restaurants. The crossed spoon and fork symbols are only representative of Doyle's Deck & Bistro restaurants setting, décor & style. View the minimum requirements for each level of restaurant rating.

Doyle's Deck & Bistro Cuisine

Doyle's Deck & Bistro restaurant has been listed under the cuisine classification: Mediterranean.

Please check the features and facilities symbols to see if Doyle's Deck & Bistro also offers Vegetarian Options, Gluten Free Options, Halal Options and Kosher Options. We recommend that you phone Doyle's Deck & Bistro restaurant in advance if you have any specific dietary requirements.

Doyle's Deck & Bistro Location & Parking

Doyle's Deck & Bistro Restaurant is located at: 1 Nepean Highway, Mordialloc. For directions on how to get to & from Doyle's Deck & Bistro, please refer to the map. Onsite parking at Mordialloc restaurants is not always available. We recommend you phone Doyle's Deck & Bistro restaurant on (03) 8587 1000 in advance for parking information.

Tipping at Doyle's Deck & Bistro restaurant

Tipping at Doyle's Deck & Bistro restaurant is optional, but none the less very much appreciated. If you are pleased with the service it is customary in Mordialloc to leave a tip of 5-10%.

Reserving at Doyle's Deck & Bistro Restaurant

Some restaurants in the Melbourne Region require you reserve in advance, while numerous others have a no reservation policy. To avoid disappointment we highly recommend you phone Doyle's Deck & Bistro Restaurant on (03) 8587 1000 in advance to find out their reservation policy and availability.

Doyle's Deck & Bistro Restaurant Opening Hours

Doyle's Deck & Bistro Restaurant Mordialloc, opening hours are:

Please call for opening times.

Every Melbourne Restaurant operates their own opening and closing times. Likewise, opening hours in some restaurants can vary depending on the season, public or religious holidays, and/or other circumstances. We advise you first check with Doyle's Deck & Bistro Restaurant to ensure there has been no change to their opening hours prior to visiting.

Doyle's Deck & Bistro Restaurant Prices

Unless it has been otherwise noted, prices for Doyle's Deck & Bistro Restaurant reflects the average of a two course meal (entrée & main course). These prices are approximations and variations may occur.

Doyle's Deck & Bistro Restaurant Reader Reviews

Read what real diners have to say about Doyle's Deck & Bistro. Reader reviews are a great way to find out what other passionate diners think about Restaurants. The views and opinions expressed in these reviews are those of individual readers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of AGFG, it’s directors, management, employees, contractors, consultants or agents.

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Accuracy of Doyle's Deck & Bistro Restaurant Descriptions & Information

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of Doyle's Deck & Bistro restaurant descriptions and information contained on this website. Notwithstanding, Doyle's Deck & Bistro restaurant in Mordialloc may change and prices may vary, menus are subject to change and chef's can move. Whilst every effort has been made to keep the information on this website as accurate as possible, AGFG assumes no responsibility for errors, changes, omissions, inconveniences or incurred loss as a result of any inaccuracy. See our disclaimer

We hope our overview of Doyle's Deck & Bistro restaurant in Mordialloc has been of assistance. More information about this restaurant can be found at

(03) 8587 10...

1 Nepean Highway,
Mordialloc VIC

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The setting is nice albeit noisy, but the food left a lot to be desired.

I've been to the Top End and caught barramundi before. From memory the minimum size is 55 cms, so if your fish is less then HALF A METRE long you have to throw it back. The fish finger that arrived on a sea of mash (which, granted, was nice mash) could have passed as a whiting fillet.

The seafood saganaki my wife ordered didn't even nudge the lofty standard set by the fish, however. For just shy of $40 I would expect something other than a plate of deep-fried bits on a slab of cheese. How you manage to make something that thoroughly deep-fried go soggy is beyond me.

Neither plate was worth the 80-odd minute wait nor the cost. The highlight of the night was the fact we managed to keep our toddler amused for an hour plus, beyond both her usual dinner and bed time.

Staff were friendly and apologetic for the delay.

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