North of Roma, past the small settlement of Injune,
Roma QLD

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Carnarvon Ranges National Park Overview

The Carnarvon Gorge section of Carnarvon Ranges National Park forms one of the most impressive stretches of countryside in Australia. To the natural beauty of the cliffs and gorges, the vanished Aboriginal tribes left their iconic paintings and legends, best seen at Baloon Cave. Explore amongst the spectacular white cliffs and lush side gorges of Carnarvon Ranges National Park, with 21 kilometres of walking track taking you through mossy rainforests, eucalypts and cabbage palm forests.


A few words from Carnarvon Ranges National Park

Carnarvon Gorge is between Roma and Emerald. From Roma, drive north 90 kilometres to Injune and then a further 111 kilometres to Wyseby, along the Carnarvon Developmental Road. From Emerald, drive south 65 kilometres to Springsure, and then east 70 kilometres to Rolleston. From Rolleston, it is a further 61 kilometres south to Wyseby. At Wyseby, take the signed turn-off to the park. From the turn-off, drive 45 kilometres to the park. The road is normally suitable for conventional vehicles and caravans in dry weather

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