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Khoreshte Fesenjoon: chicken cooked in pomegranate molasses and roasted walnuts with sautéed onions, served on steamed saffron rice.

About The Little Persian Cafe

When looking for something tasty along Racecourse Road, pop into The Little Persian Café in Hamilton. Beside an open kitchen with hanging plants and drop down bulbs, guests happily sit themselves in colourful surrounds to munch on delectable Persian morsels from breakfast through to dinner. An espresso machine sits in pride of place next to a shining, golden Persian teapot, the former providing hot Montville coffee and the latter, traditional Persian teas; a celebration of modern café meets traditional Persian tea house. Perhaps opt for Zereshk Polo – chicken marinated in onions and saffron, served with sautéed barberry and saffron rice; or marinated lamb backstrap, cooked to perfection on charcoal flames with bread and salad, followed by Persian sweets like housemade baklava to finish.

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6/33 Racecourse Road, Hamilton 4007 QLD - See Map

Opening Hours

Mon  7:30:AM - 2:30:PM
Mon  5:00:PM - 8:30:PM
Tue  7:30:AM - 2:30:PM
Tue  5:00:PM - 8:30:PM
Wed  7:30:AM - 2:30:PM
Wed  5:00:PM - 8:30:PM
Thu  7:30:AM - 2:30:PM
Thu  5:00:PM - 8:30:PM
Fri  7:30:AM - 2:30:PM
Fri  5:00:PM - 8:30:PM
Sat  7:30:AM - 2:30:PM
Sat  5:00:PM - 8:30:PM
Sun  7:30:AM - 2:30:PM
Sun  5:00:PM - 8:30:PM

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