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KGH Fried Chicken: Korean favourite of free range boneless chicken, marinated and coated in seasoning, with sweet chilli sauce.

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Shop 135A Murnong Street, Point Cook 3030 VIC - See Map

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Tue  5:30:PM - 8:30:PM
Wed  5:30:PM - 8:30:PM
Thu  5:30:PM - 8:30:PM
Fri  5:30:PM - 8:30:PM
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Sun  5:30:PM - 8:30:PM

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Moni Lee

Fried Chicken
We ordered take out korean fried chicken from here whilst in lockdown, and found the korean fried chicken to be the best around. Crispy, juicy and excellent home made radish pickle and sweet chili and soy garlic sauces. I'm korean and am VERY fussy about quality, and this korean bbq reataurant is the best we've had feied chicken from. A must try if you love fried chicken.


Consistent always
You need to book here since this restaurant reopened due to the virus. Always busy anyway and still managers ro be consistent in quality and service. We've now eaten here 3 times and can't fault it, if anything they should open 7 days A week to cope with the reservations. We love the mix set served here and the fried chicken is excellent to, but the stand out is the beef bone soup. Its authentic as what we had in Korea.

Highly recommend going here , just make sure you book in advance.


Great korean BBQ
Very good and authentic Korean BBQ. Loved the spicy pork belly and the soup on offer here. Good service and super fast. It was great to have our first meal after the restrictions have eased due to the virus. Just what the doctor ordered. Will definitely be back for more.


Fresh Fresh Fresh
Very good experience at Korean Grill House Point Cook, excellent range of set menu options and Korean favorites.

The service here is amazing, and other Korean restaurants should take note.
Definitely will recommend and go back.


The best authentic Korean flavours
We've been wanting to dine here for some time, and finally managed to eat here on Thursday night. It's amazing, the staff and the service was fantastic, but the food was the highlight, so fresh and flavours were exact what we found in Seoul when we traveled 3 years ago.

The fried chicken is not what we expected, very different to what we ate in Seoul, in fact much better and so tender and moist. Not sure what the seasoning they put on, but it was great with the house made coholic and soy garlic sauce. You can taste the difference between brought and in House for sure. The beef bone soup was AMAZING, again no fillers here , and serves with thin noodles, bone marrow, and healthy chunks of brisket. The mix set came with LA GALBI RIBS, KING PRAWNS THAT YOU COULD WALK, AND PORK BELLY SO TENDER, serves with dipping sauces, side salad with soy mirin dressing and 5 sides dishes (Banchan) and a Kimchi soup which was enough to eat alone (SO GOOD). So much food, more than enough for two people, we actually struggled to finish the meal, and we are BIG EATERS.

I think Elah was here name , our waitress , excellent service and always smiling cooked our set meat items to perfection. This Korean BBQ Restaurant is by far the closest to eating in Korea, and we've eaten in most in Melbourne.

Highly recommend this restaurant if you want great food ,service and authentic Korean flavours. We will go back thats for sure.


Very good service and food
Ive never been to a korean restaurant where the food and service was this good until now. So delicious and fresh, even the simple salad was refreshing. The stand out was the beef bone soup, japchae beef, Marinated beef ribs and the fried chicken. And the portion size was very big, more so than other Korean restaurants I've been to. Highly recommend and will go back soon.


Korean sensation
Just a quick review of this restaurant, must visit and you won't be disappointed with the food and service they have here, it's the best Korean BBQ Restaurant we've been to as far. Famous for the fried chicken (delicious), and a great selection of set menus with everything but alcohol included. It's a vote from our family for sure.


Girls go to Korean BBQ Point Cook Town Centre
This Korean BBQ Restaurants in Point Cook is our go to place for quality Korean BBQ, our group has been here more than 12 times and it's just amazing food and service. We don't travel into the city anymore because we can't find any other Korean restaurants that's better. You just can't get quality food like here. Try the spiced pork neck, the beef japchae Galbi ribs and if your a regular like us the secret menu options, that's if you are a regular. The once year favorite that we love is the Xmas pudding ice cream, just amazing. It's a big VOTE FROM US FOR SURE.


Family favorite
Our family has dinned here several times in the last 2 years, and Korean Grill House Point Cook Town Centre never gets boring, the quality and service here is always consistent. We are happy to vote for them as we find them the best Korean BBQ Restaurant in Melbourne HANDS DOWN. Go in and get spoiled by the food and wonderful table service, you won't be disappointed.


Very good service and food
Ate here on Sunday night with family and was amazed by the quality of food and service. Good selection of menu items, and set menus on offer. Recommend you to try the japchae beef noodles, cold noodle beef soup and the fried chicken. We were asked to consider voting for them, and would do so because of the quality of food and service, will recommend and go back for Korean BBQ atvtbis restaurant. They have a current promotion which they gave us 10% discount for our next visit to.


Our new go to Korean BBQ
Based on reviews we visited Korean Grill House Point Cook Town Centre, and it did not disappoint, great ambience and colorful decore, modern and clean. The food here is very authentic as what we found in Korea, huge portions in our selected set menus and really fresh. The stand out for us was the LA Galbi ribs, beef bone soup and KGH Fried chicken. Real value for money. Can't believe how good the fried chicken is here, just finger licking good. No wonder they've been listed as peoples choice award, it shows in food and service. A must go to if in Point Cook.


Regular dinner
I've been dining here for over two years with friends and family, and this restaurant never fails to amaze us, the food and service is very consistent and we love eating here. Our last visit was on 19/12/2019, and was pleasantly surprised that the menu had a few changes so we tried out the items, and was blown away by the Korean flavours. Not sure if it was authentic coz we never had these items before anywhere before. Beef La Galbi ribs, beef bone soup, sweet spicy dried shrimp side dish, they were just wonderful and addictive, Just wanted MORE AND MORE. So happy and content, real soul food, no wonder they've been listed as peoples choice award TWO YEARS RUNNING., sincerely hope that Korean Grill House wins it again, and I believe they should get a chef's hat award, not sure how AGFG awards this recognition, but please consider this casual, family oriented Korean BBQ Restaurant as a possible winner. We are happy to vote for people choice award and will always recommend this restaurant to our friends and family.


KGH Experience
Our family has eaten here a few times now, and it's really good value for money and the food and service is excellent. We've been to many Korean BBQ Restaurants in Melbourne and interstate and this has to be our go to one in Melbourne. Authentic Korean BBQ and authentic Korean flavours. The portion size you get has to be the biggest we've seen and the freshest we've had so far. Table service is second to none and boy they know what they're doing, always cooked to perfection by the wait Staff, and so professional. Must try dishes are our favorites, beef bone soup, japchae beef noodles, LA Galbi ribs, spicy kimchi jjagae soup, and the FRIED CHICKEN is just the best we've had in Melbourne. Our last visit we received complimentary 10% discount voucher for our next visit which we were given for as a promotion, and we will go back for more. A big thank you to Milena for taking care of us, she was just AMAZING. Highly recommend this restaurant for authentic Korean food.


Never had Korean BBQ before and tried it for the first time, really enjoyed it and was very pleased with the service. The fried chicken here is so tender and moist and probably the best we've had for a Asian version. Highly recommend this restaurant for Asian BBQ. Will definitely be back for more.


Korean Grill House in Point Cook is one to consider if you like BBQ. This place is one of the best we've been to in Melbourne and due to the quality of the meat and service. Modern restaurant theme with red and black deco sets this place and it feels really comfy. We can't remember the last time we had LA Galbi ribs this good, so tender and sweet. The fried chicken here is a stand out, and we know now where to go if you want the juiciest KFC in Melbourne. Generous size set menus to and it's BIG. Can't wait to go back with the family, and it's really good value for money.

Melinda Surrey

I noticed this restaurant by chance when I visited Dan Murphy's in Point Cook Town Centre, did not realize it was here for over 3 years. I love Korean BBQ and this is our new go to Korean BBQ Restaurant, no need to travel into the city anymore. The Korean fried chicken is one of our favorite dishes, and here it's different very different to what we've eaten in other restaurants. A bit of fusion but very juicy and perfectly cooked. The Galbi ribs LA style was the best we've had in Melbourne HANDS DOWN, and so tender to. The service was amazing and so fast even the drinks came out fast. This place serves quality fresh korean food, and we can't wait to go back and try more dishes here. Highly recommend for anyone whom wants Korean BBQ.

Manny Dios

Very nice Korean BBQ at Point Cook, recommend having KFC and beef bone soup. Very good service and I received 10% discount for next service.

Ava Rickmont

Korean BBQ night out
We are from albury Victoria and on holidays in Melbourne, we don't have any korean BBQ Restaurants here and it was a real treat to have dinner at this restaurant on Friday night with friends.

Great ambience and amazing food and service here, a must mention is the fried chicken and the LA Galbi ribs, so delicious and really fresh cooked at our table by our waitress. Very professional and knowledgeable about the food she cooked for us and super attentive to how we wanted our steak cooked as well. Thanks for a wonderful experience, and will recommend to others to. Highly recommend for a meal out.


Authentic Korean BBQ
We had dinner here on Friday night and was pleasantly surprised by how good the food here at Korean Grill House was. Exceptional service and authentic Korean bbq with a great ambience to. Can't believe how fast our food arrived, and soooooo tasty as well. We had the LA Galbi set with a kimchi jjagae soup and tofu, simply delicious. The kimchi pancake was super thin and crispy, and the Japchae beef noodles was amazing. This restaurant is the best we've had in Melbourne in terms of Korean BBQ. If you love Korean BBQ, this is it, it's the best we've been to in Melbourne HANDS DOWN. We will go back and suggest this is one fantastic experience that can't be missed.


Amazing food and service
We dined here on last Saturday night with friends and was pleasantly surprised by how good korean bbq is, never tried it before and was blown away by the quality and service. Our friends told us this place had won peoples choice award and it lived up to its reputation. We are from Tasmania and don't have anything like this where we live, but could do with this for sure.

The LA Galbi was amazzzzzing, and the fried chicken to die for. Super fast and amazing staff cooked everything for us. Cannot fault anything with restaurant, oh and the owner works behind the bar who greeted us and explained what we were eating and was super attentive.

Highly recommend this place in Point Cook. Please OPEN ONE YP IN HOBART..


Galbi King in Point Cook
Our family had dinner here on Saturday night, was not disappointed with the food and service. We wanted Halal service and were told here is a good place to have Halal options.

Sure enough this restaurant made us feel very welcome and had reserve a table for us with different grills only for Muslim dinners. They show us Halal certification for the meat and made us very happy. It's is very hard to find non Arabic restaurant with this kind of food and service. We had the LA Galbi ribs in a set and fried chicken with many side dishes, very very tasty and freshly made. We highly recommended this Korean BBQ Restaurants in Melbourne for Muslim people who want to try different Asian food with Halal service.

Thank you for the wonderful experience and food and service Korean Grill House Point Cook Town Centre.


Best Korean BBQ in the West
Are family has dined here now 3 times, and is considered to be a local favorite by many people we know, and it's for a good reason. The food and quality is second to none, and the service is exceptional. We've been to many Korean BBQ Restaurants in Melbourne and this particular one is just amazing. We timed the waiting period for our order from whence we placed our order and it took 7 minutes to arrive at our table, that's just incredibly fast. This includes our set menu and drinks. We've never experienced fast service like this before and the staff here KNOW how to cook our selected items to perfection. You do have the choice to cook it yourself, but we ask them to cook it for us. After all we dine out because we don't want to cook.

We were told everything on the menu is made in house and you can tell because of the freshness of the meats. Every meat option is cut to order and never is the meat frozen like you get at most Korean BBQ Restaurants in Melbourne.

A must try is the fried chicken, LA Galbi, Bibimbap, beef bone soup, spicy beef cold noodles, and bulgogi beef and pork. Authentic as it gets, and you know it is because a lot of Korean people eat here, and they say it's the best in Melbourne. We highly recommend this restaurant for a QUICK FIX of Korean BBQ, and they love kids, a truly family oriented restaurant. Oh they always give free ice cream to kids. You just can't get great food and service like this anymore without paying a arm and a leg for it.

We are puzzled why they haven't won a chef's hat award for their food and service. We highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants authentic Korean flavours with exceptional food and service, and it's in Point Cook.


Best in the west
Simple menu, super fresh, and authentic Korean food. A must try.


We love the food , service staff lovely
We hooked our friends to it too , clean nite tiddy , great staff , lovely owners , yummy food


Authentic Korean BBQ
We've been here twice, and this is our third visit. Very authentic Korean food with a great selection of Korean beverages on offer, great selection of set menus which caters for all budgets. A must try is the mixed set and the famous fried chicken. The staff are always friendly and cook for you if you want. They know how to make you feel welcome and know how to cook well. Highly recommend this Korean BBQ to anyone whom loves Korean BBQ.


Quality korean BBQ in Point Cook
We've been here many times and enjoyed the food and service greatly, great set menus on offer with huge portions. Best soju and wine matching for korean BBQ restaurants in Melbourne. It's a family friendly restaurant which focusses on delivering fast and authentic food,we'll trained staff who just amazed us on every visit. A must try is the Korean fried chicken and premium grade Wagyu beef on offer. A great way to socialize with communal cooking on the table. Highly recommend this place for it's food and service.


Second visit
We've been here twice now and the second time was just as good, if not better. We just love the food and service here, and can't make up our minds on which is the best set to order, we've eaten all of the set menus on offer and they are equally fantastic in flavours, price, quality and price. We just can't fault this restaurant it's really stands out. This time we also had the artisan I've cream, and boy did it deliver, pistachio, chocolate and silken tofu was amazing. House made I believe and great size servings. Can't believe the size of the servings. We now have a go to place for the best korean BBQ in Melbourne, and it's in Point Cook.


Simple, Tasty, Fresh, Korean BBQ
We dined here last week on the weekend, very busy and vibrant Korean restaurant. The food and service was outstanding, attention to detail and skills along with the amazing food cooked to perfection right in front of us was just amazing. We've been to a few korean BBQ Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, and non of them have been able to showcase quality and Service like Korean Grill House in Point Cook. I am a meat fanatic, and here you'll find quality and premium selection of beef chicken and pork freshly cut and marinated or lightly seasoned with Jeju Island mineral salt, before grilled at your table. The addition of the dipping sauces given are just amazing, we've had sauces at other Korean BBQ Restaurants before, but here it's very different and unique, I guess it's the same by name but not as in flavors ??. We ordered the mixed grill set and it did not disappoint at all. Enough for 3 people, and cut thick not thin like all the Korean BBQ Restaurants we've been to, and definitely not frozen and sliced. Great selection of Banchan and a crisp green salad dressed with soy, garlic and Miran. Our waitress Julia, was amazing, she perfectly grilled our mixed set to perfection, and was very knowledgeable about when to stop cooking so the meat didn't dry out. Very professional indeed, and very precise. We will definitely go back and will now avoid going elsewhere for Korean BBQ, as we/I have found the best korean BBQ in the suburbs. The only thing I'd suggest is to have a bigger wine selection, but this is not a problem associated with dining here, as the food stands out and we did not really care once we started to enjoy the food. Thank you Korean Grill House for a flavor packed experience, will recommend and certainly be back for more.


Fresh and vibrant, authentic Korean flavours
Our family has dined here on three different occasions, and every time we dined here the food has been spot on. We just love the quality and Service here, it's just wonderful. We have gone through most of the set menus except the vegetarian set, which will be on our next visit. Our favourite to date is the mixed set, fried chicken, Kimchi soup, and Wagyu cuts of beef grilled at the table. The staff here really know what they are doing, very professional and so accommodating in Service, something that lacks in all other Korean restaurants we've been to in Melbourne. I mean they are so friendly and nothing is to much at all, and they truly care about your dining experience. When ever we phone the restaurant we get asked , if we have any allergies and are told a brief description of what they use in the kitchen in terms of oil and seasoning, you don't get this in any other restaurants I've been to around Melbourne Korean Restaurants. It's a big issue for a lot of people these days and most Restaurants we've been to struggle to cope with allergy requests, we know because we have two members of our family whom are allergic to certain foods, this restaurant is more than happy to cater for people who have specific dietary requirements and this speaks volumes to many people that can't or are afraid to eat out, because of incorrect information given by the restaurant to the patrons. We as a family are always welcomed here and are registered here as having special requirements. We don't know any single Restaurant that does this, and it's a wonderful thing knowing you can eat without being scared. Thank you Milena and all whom work at korean Grill House for the great hospitality food and service as far, simply delicious and outstanding.


Simply delicious
My husband and I dined hear last week after hearing about the amazing quality and service,serving Korean bbq, and we were so happy we tried this restaurant. Our choice was the mixed set and it comprised of succulent pork, king prawns and King Galbi served with salad dressed with soy, sesame and Mirin, house made kimchi, pickled onion and spicy cucumber kimchi. Two dipping sauce accompanied the set to, sesame oil and jeju island mmineral salt and a Samjung sauce. Our waitress suggested to try a local wine from Shadowfax, a very nice Shiraz that was just perfect with the mixed set. My husband is a butcher and was very impressed by the quality of the pork and beef, and said we had more than what was described in the menu in terms of weight. The quality was amazing and freshly cut to order by it’s appearance, coming from a butcher that has worked in some of Victoria’s best abattoirs is saying something. Danny my husband says you actually get what we’d payed for and more, something we struggled to get from so many Korean bbq restaurants in Melbourne. We have dined in many and the quality here is just OUTSTANDING, Attention to detail when our waitress cooked our food, something that is lacking in all the Korean bbq restaurants we’ve been to in Melbourne, here they actually ask how we want our selected meat cooked, and it was cooked to perfection. All round the service was wonderful and we felt well looked after. The restaurant it’s self is very modern and clean, very chic and industrial and roomy. Again a first in style and ambiance. We had no room for dessert, We can honestly say we will go back and savour the rest of the menu, and highly recommend this restaurant for its quality and service. Hands down the best Korean bbq in Melbourne we have dined at. Thank you Julia for the amazing service and recommendations.


Best Korean BBQ in Melbourne
We had dinner here last weekend, and was absolutely blown away by the quality and service shown and given to us. Our waiter ji hoo was fantastic, she explained the menu and adviced us on what to choose according to our budget., And wine selection. Spot on with the selection we choose. The mixed grill was the choice, selection of Aussie harvested king prawns , free range sliced pork belly, and a huge marinated king galbi short rib. Everything was super fresh and seasoned to perfection. The wine went so well with our meal, Shadow fax shiraz, a local wine made in werribee south. The side dishes made fresh daily was house made kimchi, pickled white onions, a mixed salad with sesame and soy dressing, dipping sauces, rice, and a beef and radish soup. So much food perfectly cooked and the flavors where so deliciously good. We also had the Christmas pudding ice cream and soy bean silken tofu ice cream, simply unique and original. I can't remember the last time we had such a great bbq experience here in Melbourne. Thank you Ji hoo for your recommendations and first class service, and we will be back for more soon for our fix of Korean BBQ.

Korean grill house

Korean Grill House in Point Cook Town Centre
Great food and service, finally a new place that's not the mundane usual finds in the suburb of Point Cook. Korean Grill House Point Cook Town Centre is as authentic as it gets, with a great set menus, specials board and a licensed bar. Fully worth the money and the food is outstanding, Service was fantastic, no need to cook it yourself, the professional service staff do it all for you.