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Scott Gooding – “Healthy” is more than Weight Loss

Chef, Author and Thought Leader, Scott Gooding encourages people to cook real food at home for not only themselves but their loved ones. At his website, the Scott Gooding Project, he shares easy, delicious and affordable recipes. While being an advocate of the high fat, low carb (keto) style diet, Scott also believes that true health is more than weight loss.

Adam Liaw’s Insider Guide to Singapore Street Food

When Adam Liaw won the second series of MasterChef in 2010, it was and still remains the most watched non-sporting event on the gogglebox in Australian history. In his latest venture, Adam teams with Chef Malcolm Lee to bring our readers their Hainanese Peranakan chicken rice recipe, as part of the Singapore Tourism promotion ‘Passion made Possible.’

Dinner Like a Boss!

Food writer and stylist Katy Holder has created a solution to the evening juggling act with her latest cookbook, Dinner Like a Boss, which is designed to encourage families and kids to explore new flavours and eat well by giving them quick, easy and nutritious meals to create for dinner.