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Boroka Downs is located in Halls Gap within the region of Grampians & The Pyrenees. You may also wish to see other Halls Gap accommodation or Grampians & The Pyrenees accommodation.

Boroka Downs Accommodation Rating

Boroka Downs, Halls Gap has been independently rated as: Guest Houses, Cottages, Bed and Breakfasts. Boroka Downs has been rated to enable you to effectively select the appropriate features and facilities you require. Accommodation has been categorised according to their level of comfort enabling you to effectively select the appropriate features and facilities you require. Alternative Accommodation categories are also represented. View the minimum requirements for each level of accommodation rating.

Boroka Downs Location & Parking

Boroka Downs Accommodation is located at: 51 Birdswing Road, Halls Gap. For directions on how to get to & from Boroka Downs, please refer to the map. Onsite parking at Halls Gap accommodation is not always available. We recommend you phone Boroka Downs accommodation on (03) 5356 6243 in advance for parking information.

Tipping at Boroka Downs Accommodation

Tipping at Boroka Downs, Halls Gap is optional, but none the less very much appreciated. If you are pleased with the service it is customary in Australia to tip a small amount.

Reserving at Boroka Downs Accommodation

We recommend you reserve accommodation at Boroka Downs in advance to avoid disappointment. Check the Grampians & The Pyrenees regional information on the best time to visit the area and getting around. Even outside the peak season, accommodation at Boroka Downs, Halls Gap can not be guaranteed without a reservation.

  • Tax is included in the room price at Boroka Downs Halls Gap
  • Checkout time for most Grampians & The Pyrenees accommodation is typically 10am. Late checkout can usually be arranged upon request.
  • Reservations can be made by telephone, fax or by the internet. A credit card is usually required.
  • Tips for luggage handling are at the discretion of the client.


Check Boroka Downs symbols and overview to see if breakfast is included in the room price. Unless it has been specified, breakfast is typically in the not included in the room price of most Australian accommodation. Some accommodation establishments, however, offer a continental breakfast. Breakfast in the Grampians & The Pyrenees region is typically served between 7am-10am local time. We recommend you phone Boroka Downs in advance on (03) 5356 6243 to find out their breakfast policy and times.

Boroka Downs Reception Hours

Every establishment operates their own reception attendance times. Likewise, reception attendance in some Grampians & The Pyrenees accommodation can vary depending on the season, public or religious holidays, and/or other circumstances. It is common for most Accommodation in Halls Gap to have their reception desks attended from 7am. We advise you call Boroka Downs Halls Gap in advance to check their reception times.

Boroka Downs Halls Gap Pets Policy

Boroka Downs Halls Gap do not allow pets. Unless otherwise advertised, pets are typically not permitted in Australian hotels, motels and other accommodation. We advise you phone Boroka Downs Halls Gap for further information regarding their pets policy.

Boroka Downs Halls Gap Features & Facilities

Features and Facilities for Accommodation are listed using symbols. Note: In any given establishment, in-room facilities will often depend on the room type you choose. We advise you phone Boroka Downs Halls Gap if you have any questions regarding any of the features or facilities listed here.

Boroka Downs Halls Gap Prices

Unless otherwise noted, prices for Boroka Downs Halls Gap are for two people and representative of seasonal price per night. These prices are approximations and variations may occur. We recommend you phone Boroka Downs Halls Gap direct on (03) 5356 6243. This will enable you to negotiate the lowest price and the best time to stay.

Boroka Downs Halls Gap Reader Reviews: Read what holiday makers / travellers / and business people have to say about Boroka Downs

Reader reviews are a great way to find out what other passionate people, just like you, think about Boroka Downs Halls Gap The views and opinions expressed in these reviews are those of individual readers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of AGFG, it’s directors, management, employees, contractors, consultants or agents.

Boroka Downs News & Events: All the latest Grampians & The Pyrenees news, events & specials

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Accuracy of Boroka Downs Accommodation Descriptions & Information

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of Boroka Downs accommodation descriptions and information contained on this website. Notwithstanding, Boroka Downs accommodation in Halls Gap may change and prices may vary. Whilst every effort has been made to keep the information on this website as accurate as possible, AGFG assumes no responsibility for errors, changes, omissions, inconveniences or incurred loss as a result of any inaccuracy. See our disclaimer

We hope our overview of Boroka Downs accommodation in Halls Gap has been of assistance.

(03) 5356 62...

51 Birdswing Road,
Halls Gap VIC

Guest Houses, Cottages, Bed and Breakfasts
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