Gippsland, Victoria

An adventure of food, action and relaxation

Immediately east of Melbourne lies the region of Gippsland. Best known for its assortment of tourist destinations, Gippsland is home to the natural wonders of the Baw Baw Plateau, Strzelecki Ranges and the Gippsland Lake. Watch the fairy penguins on Phillip Island or sit back and relax on the famous Ninety Mile Beach with a beer. A region famous for its wine, food and music, Gippsland also has an active foodie culture, particularly in the autumn region where a number of events are held. Sip, sample and savour Gippsland and discover why its repute is so great.

What can I do in Victoria's Gippsland? 

West Gippsland is known as Victoria’s gourmet deli region, renowned for specialty cheeses, smoked meats, preserves and award winning wines. Head on the Gourmet Deli trail, where you can pick your own fruit, catch your own fish and taste sample after sample of some of the state’s best deli produce. 

For adventure, head to Gippsland’s high country, where you will be surrounded by National Parks, state forest reserves and ski resorts. Adventure in the mountains and camp in some of Victoria’s most scenic surrounds, fishing, bushwalking or head downhill for cross country skiing in the wintertime. 
A popular Victorian attraction, Phillip Island is located in south western Gippsland, home to some of Australia’s most wondrous wildlife species, most notably that of the charming fairy penguins. Watch the nightly penguin parade as they waddle to their home in the sand dunes and get up and close with koalas, wallabies and echidnas at the Koala Conservation Centre. Whatever your activity of choice, treat yourself to a Gippsland adventure and experience a unique region of Victoria, full of adventure, indulgence and a constantly changing landscape.
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Off the Beaten Track

Four Wheel Driving in Australia


Four wheel driving is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to see the wild beauty of Australia without the cost of going on a tour. With global positioning systems, air conditioning and the freedom to stop and go as you please, four wheel driving is a great option for families and road trippers who want to go bush amidst the rocky terrain and dusty deserts without getting completely lost or struggling in the heat. Whether you’re going for a few days or a few weeks, when you are four wheel driving, you must go prepared, with maps, water, food, fuel and essentials in case of emergency. Australia has a variety of outback tracks to suit every driver, each offering unique scenery, country hospitality, holiday parks and traditional outback pubs.




Where are some of Australia's best four wheel driving tracks?


Western Australia’s diverse scenery allows you to go through the four seasons as you four wheel drive. From long white beaches you can take a drive on, through to lush forests, rugged hills and dusty trails, this area of Australia is ideal for four wheel driving and has a track to suit everyone from the beginner to the more experienced driver.

Victoria’s spectacular national parks make it a unique destination for a four wheel driving holiday, with the Northern Territory’s Katherine Gorge and Kakadu National Park offering up a great road trip destination. Whether you choose to go the highway or the road less travelled, you may need permits before you start your four wheel driving holiday to enter certain parklands of Australia.


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Markets in Victoria

Fresh and fashionable

Famous for being hip and happening, Victoria has been ahead of the market shopping trend for years, with a variety of markets from fresh produce to handcrafted goods available in both rural and urban areas. Melbourne in particular plays home to a variety of well renowned market places, where you are likely to be surrounded by bargain hunters, early birds and those looking to meander and seek out the unusual. Victoria’s premier open air market is that of the Queen Victoria Market, a cosmopolitan and vibrant marketplace for Melbournians for over 130 years. Here, you will find everything from fresh food and produce to specialty goods and entertainment. 

Markets in Victoria


For its small size, Victoria plays host to an impressive amount of farmers markets, one of the most bustling being that of the St Andrews markets, located in the Yarra Valley. Situated in the Victorian bushland, the St Andrews Markets offer a large variety of fresh produce, with an atmospheric community market ambiance.   
City vintage hunters flock to Collingwood’s Lost and Found Market to find things weird, wacky and retro. These markets are held indoors so regardless of weather conditions, you can trawl for a treasure until your heart’s content.  For those looking for the best of all marketplaces in one, try the Dandenong Markets, one of the oldest marketplaces in Victoria. Here, you will find an array of fine foods, fresh produce, clothing, homeware and imported items from all over the world.    

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New South Wales



About New South Wales

Birthplace of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Mount Kosciuszko and The Australian Ballet,
 New South Wales is Australia’s most populous state…and for good reason. Situated in the east of Australia, New South Wales is boarded by Queensland in the north, Victoria in the south and South Australia in the west, with the Tasman Sea as its coastline. Having the best of both worlds, New South Wales largely misses the extreme temperatures which hit its bordering states, making for comfortably warm summers and mild winters.


Home to some 7 million people, New South Wales holds what is perhaps Australia’s most historic and internationally renowned state capital of Sydney, where tourists gather in thousands to begin their Australian adventure. Whether you find yourself attempting an opera in the Sydney Opera House, driving through the scenic route of the outback or heading to the Hunter Valley for some fine wining and dining, New South Wales has an assortment of activities, catering to every traveler’s itinerary. 

What to do in New South Wales 

Here you will the best of what
New South Wales has on offer, with a list of the top 15 destinations, attractions and activities every visitor should see, do and explore for themselves.


Music Festivals

Road Trip

National Parks



Harbour Hop

Outback NSW


Gourmet Getaway

Rock Pools


Lord Howe Island 

Beaches & Surfing

Horse Riding


Additionally, experience New South Wales hospitality by taking a look at the many restaurantsbars and accommodation services available.



Australian Winery Tours

Experience Australia's famous wine regions with a vineyard tour  


Once a nation of beer and tea guzzlers, many Australians have taken a turn towards wine and coffee as their preferred beverages of choice. With a reputation for good climate, rich soil and clear, fresh air, Australia produces some of the world’s top quality wines, with the wine industry expanding rapidly in the last 30 years.  Wine is produced in every state in Australia, with more than 60 wine regions around the country totalling approximately 160,000 hectares. As a result of different environmental factors, each state produces different wine varieties and styles, so why not jump aboard and go on a tour to explore the flavours Australia has on offer?



Where are some of the best wine regions in Australia? 


Producing more than half of Australia’s wines, South Australia is famously renowned as the wine region of the country, home to the regions of the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale. Western Australia is home to the Margaret River region, as well as the Swan Valley, closely located to Perth. In Australia’s south, the Victoria wine region includes that of the Pyrenees, Yarra Valley and Goulburn Valley. 


To find out which region will tempt your tastebuds for a glass or two, see

Wineries in the ACT:

Wineries in New South Wales:

Wineries in South Australia:

Wineries in Western Australia:

Wineries in Victoria:



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A Barbie on the Beach

Australia's Beach BBQ Hotspots 

Barbecues on the beach can often be a tiresome affair, with wind blowing, flies buzzing and sand somehow getting in every space possible. So why not hire a barbecue pontoon to make it that little bit easier? Skipper the barbecue around on the calm waters, fire up the barbie and do some fishing in the sunshine. Better yet, why don’t you make it a challenge and fish for your supper? Available for day or half day hire, barbecue pontoons are ideal to escape, relax and enjoy your barbecuing with a select group, or even on your own if you please. The Gold Coast is most popular for having pontoons available for hire, where you can enjoy the pristine waters and head on over to pretend you are on one of the super yachts located in Marina Mirage. 


But where can I have a BBQ on the beach? 

If you're lucky enough to avoid the wind and sand accumulation, a barbie on the beach can be very relaxing depending on your location. Victoria’s Ninety Mile Beach is one of the most natural and unspoilt beaches in the world and upon sunset, is a perfect backdrop for your outdoor dinner. One of Australia’s largest beaches, the Ninety Mile Beach is perfect for fishing, so you are pretty much guaranteed dinner will be served. Queensland’s Rainbow Beach in the south east is also another great Australian barbecue destination, with barbecue facilities available for a relaxed, warm evening. Don’t forget to throw a shrimp on the barbie to say you have done a truly Australian activity – even though most Australians have never partaken in such a thing.  



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Horse Riding in Australia

Don your riding boots and take Australia by horseback

You can’t have an outback adventure without a horse, and with Australia’s golden beaches, flowing rocky streams and wide grass paddocks, it would be a shame to have to experience it all alone. Make like the man from the snowy river and saddle up. Horse riding is a great way to get around the great southern land, whether it’s going from pub to pub, galloping along a beach or discovering the hidden trails. 

Where can I horse ride in Australia?

New South Wales is home to Glenworth Valley, Australia’s largest horse riding and outdoor adventure centre, where you can take your pick from 200 horses and giddy up.  Queensland beaches are spectacular for a sunset ride or if you want a little more freedom, Mount Tambourine is also perfect to explore whilst riding a horse. If looking to explore the beauty of Western Australia or the Northern Territory, keep in mind that the summer time heat may knock both you and your horse for six. It is then best to go horse riding on sunset or in the late afternoon. 

For the some of best places in New South Wales to giddy up and roam free, see



Cycling in Australia

Leap into your lycra and hit the track

An increasingly popular activity in city and country areas alike, it seems Australia just can’t avoid those tight, bright lycra shorts. Cycling in its many forms is not only an ideal method of eco friendly transport for adventuring the Aussie outdoors, but allows you to go at your own pace, stopping wherever you please to really make the most of your journey. In a country so vast, there are plenty of off the road tracks to experience and explore with the additional bonus of not having traffic to worry about. For those not ready to tackle the 900 kilometre Mawson Trail of Adelaide just yet, there are also plenty of short, scenic tracks to take that are just as adventurous. It is advised that if going along, you stick to tracks where help or assistance is close by if needed. You don’t want to be stranded in the desert with nothing but a broken bike chain for company. 


Where are some of the best cycling trails in Australia?

A cycling haven, South Australia is one of the best states to explore on two wheels. The Claire Valley, Barossa Valley or McLaren Vale are perfect routes for cycling, with a glass or two of wine and delicious local produce your reward after a day on the road. Victoria too is a cycling hotspot, with an abundance of purpose built city cycling tracks for you to cruise through Melbourne and see the sites. A trail such as the Capital City Trail takes you from the hub of Southbank through the city, allowing you to stop at attractions such as the MCG and Royal Botanic Gardens before looping around to end back where you began. Over the other side of the country, Western Australia’s flat terrain makes it an ideal cycling location, with off-road tracks like the Munda Biddi Trail becoming vastly popular. 

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Australian Crime Tours

Glitz, glamour and an underbelly of crime

Ever wondered what it would be like to be an inner city mass murderer or a member in the seedy underbelly of organized crime? Well, prayers answered. Now you can, minus the actual crime taking place or repercussions of committing such an act. Over the years crime in Australia, although considered minute in the grand scheme of things, has been pretty grim and gruesome and the best place to learn about it is by the locals themselves. Wander through the streets as you learn the history of some of the nation’s most dangerous criminals, what acts they committed and where the crime took place. A diversion from the norm, Australian crime tours go to photographic destinations with such a dark history, it will evoke emotion and horror,  


Where are Australia's crime tours?

Melbourne’s great crime tour delves into some of the city’s most notorious events, getting inside the mind of a criminal and showing you exactly where these deadly deeds took place.  From learning the disturbing facts of Melbourne’s darker days to catching a glimpse of where some of the bloodiest confrontations occurred, a Melbourne crime tour is a great night time activity to educate, inform and entertain.   
Additionally, Sydney’s Crime and Passions walking tour takes you through the infamous Kings Cross and its dark history of fame, murder, drugs, crime, mystery and romance. Gleefully retelling the glitz, glamour and gritty crime underbelly of 1920’s Sydney as well as the true stories of murder and betrayal that are stranger than fiction. City tours are often best suited for walking, with tales and sites best seen and heard for yourself.




Beer Gardens

The next best thing to botanic gardens 

For the perfect weekend location to unwind after a morning full of adventure, you can’t go past a beer garden. Welcoming everyone from families to the lone traveller, Australian beer gardens are buzzing and bustling locations on weekends and a pleasant location to be experienced in each state. To make the most of the Australian beer garden charm, start with lunch and settle down for an afternoon of people watching and casual conversation, not worrying about anything other than who’s getting the next round.




Beer Gardens in Australia

Beer gardens are a popular Australian hangout for all ages at all times, from the sneaky mid week beer with your co-workers to a Sunday afternoon full of cocktails and chatter. From the upper class garden’s such as The Ivy in Sydney to the Bimbo Deluxe bohemian beer garden in Melbourne, you will never have to look too far to find one and each beer garden has its own unique ambiance, bringing in a variety of different crowds for an enjoyable time. 




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